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Shiroka Polyana dam
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c. Batak. Municipality Batak. State Pazardjik.

The Shiroka Polyana dam is located about 30 km from the town of Batak. Its water body is part of the cascade Dospat "Shiroka Polyana", "Vasil Kolarov", "Beglika", "Batak". "Shiroka Polyana" is an alpine dam, but is quite shallow. This is because it is on a kind of spread plate, rarely exceeding depth of 7-8 m. The only exception are the gulches near some of the many dams, where the depth is really big.

Years ago Shiroka Polyana was known with its many carps. Now, however, that fish quantity is below the critical minimum. Currently, the main object of sport fishing are perch, American trout, rudd and chub. Over the past two to three years there is also breeded some crucian. In spite of the low amount of fishes, "Shiroka Plyana" is still one of the favorite places for fishermen tent or just to spend a vacation amongst the nature.

There are plenty of chubs and perches virtually anywhere in the dam. American trout, reaching enormous sizes of 2 kg in the dam mainly inhabit the deeper areas around the bays. The trouts are rare, and can not rely on quantity, but on the other hand they are with high quality.

"Shiroka Polyana" is also the preferred site of an artificial fly fishermen and buldo. The chub is with the largest populations in the ponds and these fishermen are almost always lucky to have a big catch.


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