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Rui peak
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c. Tran. Municipality Tran. State Pernik.

Rui peak is the highest one in the Rui mountain, 1706 meters above the sea level. It has a splendid pyramidal shape. Rui hut is situated in the base of the northwestern slope of the mountain. The peak is included in the initiative of the Bulgarian Tourist Union "Climb The Top 10 Mountains".

The slopes of Rui peak are plain and grassy. There is a stone marking the border between Bulgaria and Serbia right on the peak. Rui hut can be seen in the foot of the peak. The name of the peak comes from the Latin name of the plant smoketree, that is widely spread in this countryside. There are splendid views when the weather is clear. Yarlovets dam can be seen to the south, situated near to the village of Staichovtsi.

General starting points to climb the peak are the town of Tran and the villages of Zabel, Zelenigrad, Turkovtsi and Lomnitsa. The marking from the village of Zabel through Rui hut to the village of Lomnitsa is red. The marking to the village of Turkovtsi is yellow. There are also signs.

The village of Lomnitsa is located in Tran municipality and it can be reached by a road from the town of Tran. Starting from the village you can follow the marked path and reach to Rui hut. The path is going through plain road through the forest without any views. There are several other derives of the path and the marking must be followed.

There is a small fish pond before you reach to the hut. In the end the path ends on a lawn, and there is the hut in one of its sides. The time needed to reach Rui hut from the village of Lomnitsa is about 2-3 hours.

The path to the peak is passing through the yard of the hut. If the front gates of the hut are closed you'll have to find a way to go around it. From the other side of the hut is starting a small path that is not marked but can be clearly seen.

In the beginning the path is going through a forest, after it leads through the plain grassy slopes of the peak. The route is not long but it is steep without any smooth regions. The path derives to Orlovets peak and Rui peak. You have to go to the left and take to the highest Rui peak. You need about 1 hour to reach the peak starting from the hut.


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