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Panorama Pleven Epopee
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c. Pleven. Municipality Pleven. State Pleven.

The panorama Pleven Epopee is a monument, created in honor of the 100 anniversary of the saving Bulgaria from five centuries of Ottoman slavery. This is the greatest monument of the Bulgarian and Russian fight glory and the Bulgarian-Russian friendship. The panorama is built in the town of Pleven in the region of the Skobelev park-museum, where in the time of the third attack for Pleven were the most bloody fights occured.

When creating the complex big help is received by the existing in this time USSR with providing technical resources and equipment. The cloth for the Panorama is weaved in the Surskian textile fabric. Authors of the project are the tallanted architects Ivo Petrov and Plamena Tsacheva together with a designer's team of 14 people.

The architecture body of the Panorama is built as it is lifted on four bayonets. The bayonets wear the four horisontal situated rings, three of which remind to the visitors the three attacts in Pleven, and for the three green hills where the fights lead in the third attack. THe fourth ring is symbolizing the blockade in Pleven.

The images on the cloths is transferring the visitors in the 1877 and is making them part of the fights in that time. THere are two spectator platforms on the roof where historical places in the whole town can be seen: The Dead Valley, redoubts Kovanlak and Issa Aga, Bone-vaoult in Skobelevia park, Radisevskite and Griveshkite hills.


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