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Castle Tsarevets
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c. Veliko Tarnovo. Municipality V. Tarnovo. State V. Tarnovo.

The castle Tsarevets is situated in the picturescue town of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. It is rising on its place from the time of the Second Bulgarian kingdom (1185 - 1393), and it was main castle of the old Bulgarian capital. In the medievil Bulgaria the inner parts of the castle were all in living buildings, craftsman workshops and many churches and monasteries, divided in neighbourhoods. During the excavations are found more then 400 living buildings, 22 churches and 4 monasteries.

Here the first village existed in the late halcolit (4200 year b.c.). It continues its development during the bronze age (Iv-II century b.c.) and the iron age (XII-I b.c.) when its inhabitants are the trakians. During the V-VII century on the place of the Trakian village is located Zikideva - the biggest town in the Bizantian empire in province Down Mizia. After that the village is destroyed during the Avaro-Slavianian invasions in the VII century.

In the IX century on this place formed a village the Bulgarians. In the XII century it is started the building of the castle, that is preserved until now. The castle has three entrances, one of them is located in the very west part of the hill. In the central part is situated the Palace complex, that was a sum of buildings, surrounded of an inner stone wall, two battle towers and two entrances from north and south. It includes a Throne hall, a Palace church and a Tzar chamber.

In the moment on the castle there is a show that includes dramatic music, colored ligths, lazers and church bells. The show is telling about the great and tragic history of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. There are presented moments of the Bulgarian history, battles againts the Turky invasion, years of the Turky slavery, the revolutionary motion and the battle for beating off the Otoman rule.


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