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Cape Kaliakra
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v. Balgarevo. Municipality Kavarna. State Dobrich.

Kaliakra is a long and narrow cape on the Bulgarian north Bleack sea coast, in the very north part of Dobrudja plateau, located near to the village of Balgarevo. The cape is similar to a peninsular 2 km into the sea the ends with 70 meters long rocks. Because of its beauty this area has the name Kaliakra, that means a beautiful cape. The cape is a natural and archeological reserve and is one of the Hundred tourist places in Bulgaria. During august 2006 the cape is equipped with artistic lights system compounded of one hundred color floodlights that makes it a beautiful night attraction.

Today this area is a beautiful natural reserve, where cormorants make their nests, dolphins and seals swim in the sea, starlings and rock blackbirds inhabits the caves. Dolphins that swim in the sea are an interesting view because they are one of the rare representatives of the Black sea. The region is especially attractive also because of its colorful flowers, blossoming during the spring and summer. Down on the beach is the Taukliman Bird gulf which was a favorite place for the ancient pirates in the past.


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