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Krushunski waterfalls
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v. Krushuna. Municipality Letnitsa. State Lovech.

The Krushunski waterfalls are located in the north part of Bulgaria. They are near to the village of Krushuna in the Maarata district, 34 km far away of the town of Lovech. The waterfalls are the biggest water cascade in Bulgaria. The cascade has many shoots and pools. The district is rich of animal and plant species.

The main waterfall is falling down from 20 meters height. During the falling the waterfall is divided to several little waterfalls. In the stream of the Maarata river can be seen lots of karst shapes: whirlpools, precipices, cave galleries and halls.

There are also several caves in the are - Boninskata, Devetashka, Waterfall, Urushka and Gornik caves. The Devetashka cave is one of the biggest in Bulgaria.

In the region of the Krushunski waterfalls are made ecological paths that leads to most of the beautiful sights in the area.


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