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Pochivna stantsiya Rudartsi - Rudartsi
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v. Rudartsi. Municipality Pernik. State Pernik.

Address: s. Rudartsi, map
Phone: 07713 2258, 0887 357768
Web site:
Beds: 60
Price: 20 to 60 lv, OB - night.

separate lavatory
cable tv
conference room


Sight sides near Pochivna stantsiya Rudartsi

Gorna Dikanya dam
v. Gorna Dikanya

Rui peak
c. Tran
 Weather situation
Sofia Varna 15°
Plovdiv 15° Burgas 12°
Ruse 14° Pleven 16°
St. Zagora 15° V. Tarnovo
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