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Hotel Style - Elhovo
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c. Elhovo. Municipality Elhovo. State Yambol.

Address: ul.Targovska 56 b
Phone: 0895922622
Beds: 9
Price: 17 to 30 lv, OB - night.

separate lavatory
cable tv
parking places
rent a car
accesible for disabled

Style Hotel is located in the center of Elhovo, the city is located in southeastern Bulgaria, 30 km from Lesovo, 40 km from the town of Yambol and 100 km from Burgas. The building has an authentic radiation in a contemporary style and made an impression on every visitor of the city. The hotel has four double rooms and studio, each room has a different style with bathroom, Wi-Fi, digital TV, LED-TV, air conditioning and individual terrace plus a luxury fitted kitchen garden planted with live plants, professional barbecue, mobile pool and pool bar. For the convenience of guests in close proximity to the hotel are restaurants, fast food restaurant, a supermarket and pharmacy. Reservations are accepted at any time of the day.


 Weather situation
Sofia Varna 15°
Plovdiv 15° Burgas 12°
Ruse 14° Pleven 16°
St. Zagora 15° V. Tarnovo
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