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City of Varna
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c. Varna. Municipality Varna. State Varna.

The city of Varna is the bigest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore and third in population city in the country. It is located in a deep valley between two plateaus - Frengensko and Avrensko plateau. In the region of Varna there are two lakes, that are formed in the paleocene age - Beloslavsko lake to the west and Varnensko lake in the borders of the city. Near to Varna are one of the most visited courort complexes Albena, Golden Sands and St. St. Constantine and Helena.

The city of Varna has rich and long history. In the ancient period here existed a Trakian village. Later in 6 century b.c. is established the Greek полис Одесос. Up to 1 century b. c. it is a free polis. After it is conquered by Roman legions and becomes an important center of the Roman empire. THe village is conquered and destroyed several times when different nations were invading. The name of the city is changed to Varna in 9 century. After a lot of wars between Bulgaria and Byzantium the city becomes permanently part of the Bulgarian territories in the beginning of 13 century when tsar Kaloyan was ruling the country. The city falls in turkish hands in 1391 and after start falling. In 1878 Varna is again in the territories of free Bulgaria.

One of the most remarkable places in Varna are the sea garden, the planetarium, the dolphins aquarium, the zoo, the Roman baths, the church "St. Bogoroditsa", the Russian monument, the festival complex at the entrance of the sea garden, the archeological museum, the art gallery and others.


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