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City of Burgas
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c. Burgas. Municipality Burgas. State Burgas.

The city of Burgas is located in East Bulgaria, on the South Black Sea shore. It is situated 385 km far away from Sofia, 267 from Plovdiv and 133 km from Varna. The sea level of the city is between 2 and 27 metres. Here is the international and the first in trafic airport and harbour in Bulgaria. The city is lcated by the Burgas bay that is deeply indented into the land and is very convenient for shipping. It is the biggest bay on the Bulgarian sea side. Near the city is the Atanasovsko lake - to the north, the Burgas lake - to the west, and the Mandrensko lake - to the southwest.

The Burgas harbour is with wide specialization - for oil, coals, manure, fish, metals, machines. Through this harbour is processed about 60% of the sea trade in Bulgaria. On its wharfs are over 80 places for ships. On the territory of the state of Burgas is located also the biggest chemical and oil refinery on the Balkan peninsular.

Burgas is a cultural center with developed sea tourism. Besides the modern contemporary architecture in the city can also be seen preserved building from the beginning of the 19th century to present days. Burgas is a home of famous people of the culture and art. There are many songs for the sea for the city and its famous nights that are cool during the summer and very suitable for walks in the city. The streets in the city are planted with trees and the parks are well-kept and beautilul.


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