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Town of Troyan
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c. Troyan. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

Troyan is located in an extension of the valley of river Beli Osam amongst hills with beautiful woods and mountain spurs. The town is created as a valley passage. Its creation is dated on the beginning of the 15th century. Big part of the Bulgarian population didn't succeed to go away on the other side of river Danube or in Sarbia, and they created new villages in the mountain.

Everyone, who at least once had the chance to visit Troyan, stays forever trapped in the beauty of the nature arround the town, by its hospitable inhabitants and the sights in the surroundings. Troyan is a start point for all tourist objects in the region. Asphalt road through the Troyan passage (Troyan - Karnare) leads to the sub-Balkan villages. 22 km far away from the town through this passage is located the courort complex Beklemeto - one wounderful hoigh mountin place to spend your holiday. Troyan is the last railway station of the line Svishtov - Levski - Lovech - Troyan. The town of Troyan and the Troyan region are located almost in the center of Bulgaria, to the north of Troyan - Kalofer part of Stara planina mountain. The averate level above sea level of the town is 430 m. Troyan is a center of the Troyan municipality, in which there are 140 inhabited places with 30 000 people population.

The climate in Troyan is a nice combination of its low level above the sea level and its closiness to the highest parts of Stara planina mountain, combination of the climate of Danube Bulgaria and the rainy Stara planina mountain. The climate is characterized with a rainy spring, hot summer, sunny autumn, and relatively soft and pleasant winter.

The geographic conditions of the town are very friendly. On the first place of importance is the river of Beli Osam. By the river is passing the Troyan passage to Plovdiv. The name of the passage gives the name to the town itself. The passage is used also in the Roman empire when it is created and had a big importance. The lands arround the town also give good conditions for agriculture.

Important tourist places in Troyan and the region: museum of the national arts and crafts, Baba Stana neighbourhood, Troyan monastery, Roman castle Sostra, national exhibition of the national crafts, natural museum - Cherni Osam.


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