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City of Sofia
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c. Sofia. Municipality Sofia. State Sofia.

The city of Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria from 1879. The city is the biggest in the country. It is located in the Sofian valley, between the mountains Vitosha to the south, Lulin to the west and Stara Planina to the north. The avarage hight above sea level is 550 metres. The name of the capital is comming from Greek and means wisdom. In the center of the capital are many preserved churches and chapels from different ages. They are very well suiting the city together with the rest of the present cultural monuments.

Sofia is main administrative, industrial, transport, cultural and univeristy center of the country. There is about 1/6 of the manufacturing in Bulgaria. Here is located the Bulgarian academy of the science, many unversities, theatres, cinemas, also archeological, historical, natural and other museums.


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