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Tourism in Bulgaria

The tourism in Bulgaria gives a lot of options and variable opportunities for the tourists. The optimum geographic location and climat, the beautiful nature and the huge cultural and historical heritage make Bulgaria a destination for all kinds of tourism.

hotels in the mountain in the mountain

In Bulgaria there are about 20 000 square km low mountain and high mountain territories. The biggest of the mountains and main tourist destinations are Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin, Rodopi, Vitosha, Strandja and Sakar. All of them are accessible during the 4 seasons of the year and are providing unlimited opportunities for relax, sport and tourism. Up in the mountains there are thousands of kilometers with tourist markings, over 300 huts and mountain shelters. They helps the walking tourism that can be practiced in all seasons. There are perfect conditions for one of the most attractive and passionate sports among the nature - the alpinism. There are also perfect conditions for many other mountain sports - mountain marathon, mountain bike, delta- and paraplanerism, rafting and kayaking. The numerous mineral springs give the opportunity for developing of rehabilitation and medical tourism. In the mountains there is routed road network that provides access to all natural, historical and cultural sights, also to all the mountain courort complexes.

hotels at the sea side at the sea side

The Bulgarian sea side offers perfect conditions for relax and holiday near the sea. The sea tourism is one of the most developed in Bulgaria. The low salt degree of the water and the appropriate temperature makes the sea very pleasat for bathing. The sea shore of Bulgaria is long 378 km. There are about 70 beaches situated with about 9 millions square kilometers. There are big and wide beaches to take many tourists, and also small and quiet beaches. There are opportunities for many water sports - surfing, water ski, diving, fishing, etc. There are also a lot of mineral springs and healing mud which makes the Bulgarian sea courort complexes a destination for rehabilitation and medical treatments.

hotels in the village in the village

The village tourism in Bulgaria offers opportunities for relax in a home atmosphere among beautiful nature and peace. In the preserved natural environment, far away from the city noise, the village tourism gives a unique way of life, food and opportunities for having fun.

hotels culture tourism culture tourism

The rich culture and history of Bulgaria provide a lot of sight sides in the country. They make perfect conditions for cultural tourism. Bulgaria is on second place in the world with finding from the classical antiquity period. In the country there are many museums, expositions, galleries, where are kept findings from different cultures and ages. The specific of the culture and the traditions (the unique kukers, nestinari, national dances and songs, etc) also attract a lot of attention.

hotels hunting tourism hunting

There are a lot of hunting fields in Bulgaria with a common area of over 600 000 hectares. The hunting in the country offers extraudinary options - high quality of the trophies, cosy hunting houses, professional employees, preserved traditions and beautiful nature. There are opportunities for hunting of all kind of animals. There are all neccessary conditions and services for unforgettable and successful hunting.

hotels wine tourism wine tourism

The well developed vine-growing in the country offers good conditions for the wine tourism. The tourists can also taste other kinds of products connected with the wine and the degustation. There are SPA and wellness complexes that offer therapies with wine and grape.

hotels ski tourism ski tourism

There are perfect circumstances for ski sport in the Bulgarian mountains Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina, Rodopi and Vitosha. There are three big ski centers - Borovets (Rila), Pamporovo (Rodopi) and Bansko (Pirin). Borovets offers the best conditions and is also the most visited mountain courort complex. There is also organized a stage of the European ski championship and also was a host of a stage of the World ski championship. In Bulgaria there are also many other smaller centers for ski sports, which also provide great conditions for the skiers - Petrohan, Kom, Strajata, Beklemeto, Pleven, Uzana, Chumerna in Stara Planina mountain, Semkovo, Panichishte, Rilski ezera, Maliovitsa and Govedartsi in Rila mountain, Bezbog in Pirin mountain, Zdravets, Biala Cherkva, Persenk, Iundola and Marciganitsa in Rodopi mountain, Aleko, Vetrovala and Koniarnika in Vitosha mountain.

balneo and spa hotels balneo and spa

In Bulgaria there are many mountain and sea mineral springs and medical mud. They give the opportunity for many different ways for balneo medical treatments and procedures. There are a lot balneo and spa centers in the country that offers a variety of services - rehabilitation, medical treatments, different massages, spa-procedures, face care and many others.

business hotels business travels

The business travels in Bulgaria are assisted by the many hotels and complexes. They provide all kind of services for business and work meetings.

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